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Baia Mare ceramic cup

H 100 mm Ø 80 mm

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Baia Mare ceramic cup

Made by the family of the great potter Cornel Sitar, from Baia Mare. Cornel Sitar is one of the most appreciated pottery craftsmen in Romania and is known worldwide. His creations are found in several museums, art galleries and private collections of different royal families and heads of states around the world. He has had exhibitions in several countries, has won many international awards, and has even been invited to perform a pottery demonstration at the prestigious Museum of Art and Archeology at Oxford University.

The clay is extracted from the area from deep and is of reddish color. The clay is kneaded, molded on the wheel, dried in the sun. Then the pots are coated with engobe on the side to be ornamented in order to hide the red color of the clay, and then they are dried again. Then the decoration and the application of colors follow. The ornaments are applied with a cow horn bugle that has a goose...